Saturday, June 24, 2006

This is a World Wide Web log or Web-log or "blog" for the Haralson County Historical Society in Georgia. It is published at and supplements the main World Wide Web site of the Society at

People unfamiliar with blogs can learn more about them at

This blog is a convenient place for our members to post information about things they do which concern the Society. For example, if one of our members has a discussion with another organization about a project of mutual interest, this is a convenient place to record the notes of that meeting. Think of it as an irregularly updated diary or log of the Society into which any of our members can make signed entries. You need not wait until our next in-person meeting to report on progress you are making or help you need for a project; feel free to leave word here as early as is convenient for you!

A blog is a better writing medium than an e-mail note, because it is automatically archived and always available anywhere, via the Web.

The Society also uses a Wiki at The wiki is useful when multiple members want to work on a common document, i.e. on a document with multiple authors. But this blog is useful simply to chronologically aggregate notes from members, each of whom wants to keep the contents of his own note entirely under his own control.


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