Wednesday, July 19, 2006

You probably have heard that at the Historic Courthouse, we are currently showing historic photographs relating to Haralson County which are part of the "Vanishing Georgia" collection, using the "card catalog" PC in the first floor corridor. The collection is described online here.

Today I ran across an interesting Website that hosts what it calls "faces and places of the past". Find it here at I have not made an effort to look for comparable Web sites and so have no opinion on its comparative merits. It claims to host over 17,000 photos so far.

My encounter with this Web site arose out of interest in a particular county in Pennsylvania. The page associated with Pennsylvania includes a drop-down menu listing many (or all?) of the counties of that state. Sadly, the corresponding Georgia page does not include such a menu, presumably for want of photos. For what it is worth, find the Georgia page here.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

I ran across Brooke Murphy just before the 4th of July. She no longer is interested in transcribing the handwritten forms identifying things within the historic film "Buchanan on Parade." Perhaps I can hire someone else to do this.


Today I exchanged e-mail with Joe Conley, who sadly informed me that the historical marker sign for the Hungarian Colony was first knocked over, then removed entirely. It costs about $2500.00 to erect new markers of this type!

On a happier note, we now post four historical photographs from the Colony and the things it left behind. Find them appended here: